Sailing in Athens and the Cyclades

With over 600 islands making up the Greek archipelago and all with their own unique character, a sailing holiday here is a must-do for any traveller at heart. In our previous post on the Ionian, we discovered the beauty of Greece’s lesser known isles and rich history. In this post we are will discover the wild romantic shores of the Cyclades, Greece’s main and most popular tourist destination boasting its best islands near the capital of Athens. Even the mighty ancient Greek Gods could not resist making the Cyclades their home while living out their dramatic lives upon its islands. Today the drama of the Cyclades has not ceased as new adventure can be found upon around every corner.


City of Athens

Known as the birthplace of western civilization, Athens is one of the world’s oldest global cities to exist on the continent of Europe. Home to all the great literary scholars, astounding architecture, art and culture, Athens is a city that you can easily get lost in and never want to be found. The city grew from its wealth of trading ports and today is a top sailing and leisure destination. Discover the heart of Greece and the Mediterranean on your next holiday to Europe.


The Island of Poros

Located in the Saronic Gulf, Poros offers an amazing holiday getaway with its sprawling white sand beaches and classic architecture along the coastline. This picture perfect town’s main industry is tourism and agriculture, which means they also have amazing wine farms to visit. Just a 2 hour drive away from the town you can visit one of the world’s oldest wine-making region at the ancient site of Nemea where you will stumble upon to many wine farms to enjoy. Hopa!


Hydra Island

The island of Hydra was named after the many natural springs found upon it. The island has a small population as many of its original inhabitants had left due to sanctions imposed by neighbouring countries or ruling colonies. Hydra has many beautiful beaches and offers peace and quiet between its old white-washed cobbled streets for those who choose to escape to its shores. The island has no cars or motor vehicles on it. You will find plenty of donkeys and bicycles as the main mode of transportation. Hydra is a real treat looking for a true Greek island getaway.


Milos Island

The beautiful kept secret island of Milos will enchant all those who wander upon its shores. Its natural harbour was created by volcanic activity and has stood strong as a haven for sailors over the milennia. The famous Venus de Milo was unearthed upon this island before being placed in the Louvre where it stands today. Milos has about 70 amazing beaches to enjoy, each offering unique and amazing vistas and terrain. The large cave formations are also worth exploring and further in lies ancient Roman catacombs and the ruins of an ancient amphitheatre. White washed buildings are dotted around the island and in the evening you are treated to beautiful sunsets.

The Island of Kea

Lying off Athen’s main coastline, you will find the island of Kea. This Greek island has all the charm and beauty of a traditional harbour town and is a popular getaway with the locals. You won’t find this charming island overrun with tourists even in peak season, however, Kea is not to be overlooked. Kea offers beautiful beaches and wealth of marine life making snorkelling and diving a top activity. The glistening harbour offers beautiful beaches to enjoy many hours lounging with interesting tavernas on the beach front to enjoy lunch or dinner. One of Kea’s top activities are its wilderness trails that lead you to all 4 of its ancient cities while offering spectacular views of the island. Tops attractions are the Kea Lion, a 6th Century BC bronze sculpture and the prehistoric settlement of Kefala. Kea will leave you enchanted.


Sunsail’s base in the Cyclades is located between Athens and Poros at the Aegana Marina base. An excellent starting point for a 7 day or 14 day cruise to visit all of these incredible islands in the Sea of Crete.

Are you ready for an epic adventure in the ancient Greek Cyclades?


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