Responsible tourism

Sustainable tourism

As passionate sailors, we’ve been crafting the best sailing holidays in the world’s top sailing grounds for decades, therefore we want to ensure we’re protecting the beautiful destinations, oceans, wildlife and communities in which we operate.

From reducing the use of single-use plastics, to teaming up with incredible charities and educating Sunsailors in how to be sustainable when sailing. Get on board with Sunsail’s greener sailing strategy.


Our Progress

Moving away from print brochures, allowed us to reduce the amount of paper we consume and distribute. Additionally, we continue to work closely alongside local communities and global partners to ensure our fleet and base operations align with regulations and sustainability projects. We also pledge to respond to crises like Hurricane Dorian by sending much-needed water and supplies to the Abacos.

Our Partners

As well as working with Responsible Travel, we are proud to announce we signed the ABTA tourism pledge, aiming to “Make Holidays Greener,” encouraging customers to “reduce, reuse, recycle” on their charter holidays. We’re also partnering with some incredible charities; including recycling schemes in Lefkas, protecting the Ionian Dolphins and Monk Seals in Greece and Croatia, and global ocean and coastline clean ups, which many of the bases coordinate throughout the year.

Our Vision

While establishing sustainable practices in different countries around the world can be a challenge, we are developing a strategy and putting in place a plan to reduce plastic use at our bases, modernize our fleet, and utilize solar power. We have achieved a portion of our goals by placing water makers in several of our yachts and have implemented the use of solar power at our base in The British Virgin Islands.

Our Community

We encourage Sunsailors to bring refillable water bottles, use reef-safe sunscreen, and dispose of rubbish and recycling in proper bins.