Two catamarans sailing in the Seychelles

Our Pillars of Sustainability

We’re making huge efforts to protect the oceans and look after the environment. Aiming to leave nothing but a footprint, we’re working hard across our global bases and with all suppliers to ensure we are preserving our stunning sailing destinations for years to come. Take a look at our three pillars of sustainability:

Eradicate single use plastic

We’re constantly thinking of ways to get rid of plastic. Across our bases, we’ve installed water machines, and encourage everyone to use refillable water bottles and reduce, reuse and recycle. Our fantastic new fleet, not only sail beautifully, but many have water makers, so there’s no need for any single use plastic on board. We’ve also banned straws and provide recycling bags on board, to encourage everyone to minimise waste and recycle their rubbish at the end of their holiday. In countries with less developed infrastructures, we are working with local recycling charities such as Lefkogaia in Lefkas to help minimise waste. To clean up the oceans, we’re running ocean clean ups and installing seabins in marinas to collect plastics and microplastics and protect the local marine life.

Use Environmentally Friendly Products

Where logistically possible, all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, and we use low emission antifoul to clean our yachts, and bilge socks to prevent any oil spills. Our suppliers are also on board, using eco-friendly products to ensure we’re looking after the oceans and its wildlife. Where possible, we use LED lighting and renewable solar energy on board. At events, we carefully select useful items we hope sailors will keep for years, from rash vests made from recycled ghost nets from the bottom of the ocean, to the mandatory bottle opener and floating keyrings.

Educating the customer

From shopping local, to short showers, eradicating plastic, sailing more efficiently and doing sprint beach clean ups – we’re always sharing our tips on how to be more sustainable on holiday. See our Sustainable Sailing Tips and help make a difference.